1960 Waukegan Township High School...diploma
1960-61 University of Illinois ( Champaign)
1962-64 Roosevelt University ( Chicago)
1966 University of Illinois ( Chicago)..B.S.
1967 Lake Forest College
1964-68 University of Illinois ( Chicago)...D.D.S.
1968 University of Illinois- Oral Pathology
1972-3 College of Lake County
1978 Armed Forces Institute of Pathology


James Scholar-University of Illinois
PROUD award, Lake County Realtors


 1960-61 Field Museum ( Chicago)-geology, paleontology
1966-68 University of Illinois-Orthodontics and Oral Pathology
1969-75 Annual workshops in Hypnosis (ASCH, SCEH)
1972-79 Milwaukee Public Museum-Physical Anthropology
1978 Armed Forces Institute of Pathology-Forensic Dentistry
1980-2005 Field Museum- Physical Anthropology
1983-2004 Field Museum- Paleontology
1986 College of Lake County-Forensic Dentistry Workshop
1986 British Museum- Paleoanthropology


Dentist -private practice (1968 to present)
President-Andent, Inc.
Director-Ethnic Minority Council of America 1988-present
Director -Center for Dental AIDS Research 1990-present
Editorial Advisory Board, Clinical Strategies Journal. 1996-9
Science Chairman-Annual Session, Illinois State Dental Society 1995-7
Curator- Department of Anthropology-Lake County Museum 1971 to 1988.
Deputy Coroner- Lake County, Il. 1982 to 1988.
Editor and Publisher- Dental Computer Newsletter 1978 to present.
Editor- Journal of the American Association of Forensic Dentists 1978 to present.
Assoc. Editor-Central States Archaeology Journal 2004-
Editor- Home Owners of Wildwood Newsletter 1982-1984
Editor- Illinois Antiquity 1984 to 1986
Contributing Editor- Focus on Dental Computers 1986 to 1988


Computers for Professional Practice, 1984
Speed Dentistry, 1996
One-Hundred-Seventeen of the Best Kept Secrets in Dentistry, 1995
The dentists' Handbook, 1992
The OSHA Emergency Manual, 1992
The Whole Earth Guide to Do It yourself Dental Equipment, 1980
The Preservation Book, 1988


1962-63 Roosevelt University-Zoology Lab Instructor
1966-68 Chicago Board of Education-Health Care Coordinator
1972-73 College of Lake County-Curriculum Committee
1978-79 University of Wisconsin-Guest Lecturer-Anthropology
1974 University of Chicago-Medicine. Guest Lecturer, Dept of Psychiatry-Hypnosis.
1985-87 Carthage College-Guest lecturer in Physical Anthropology
1985 U of Il College of Dentistry-Guest Lecturer Dept of Oral Anatomy.
1993 U of Il College of Dentistry-Sr. Class Lecturer
1997 U of Il College of Dentistry-Sr. Class lecturer


1970-79 Zion Benton Hospital Medical Staff
1970-86 St. Therese Hospital Dental/Medical Staff- past Chairman of Dental Department.
1972 Legislative Interests Committee of Illinois Dentists -Director
1975 Health Care Coordinator-Follow-through Program,
US Dept. of Health Education and Welfare, Waukegan.
1978- Journal of the American Association of Forensic Dentists-Editor
1978- Dental Computer Newsletter-Editor
1971-88 Curator, Dept. of Anthropology, Lake County Museum
1979 Physician's Micro Computer Report-Contributing Editor
1979 Medical Computer Journal-Contributing Editor
1979 Advisor to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare-Medicaid Matters
1979 Advisor to the American Dental Association-Medicaid Matters
1979 American Society of Clinical Hypnosis-Faculty
1979 Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis-Faculty
1979 Lake County Coroner Dept-Deputy Coroner
1977 St Therese Hospital-Chairman, Dental Staff
1984 Illinois Antiquity-Editor
1984 Preservation Committee- Paleopathology Association
1987 Dental Automation Standards Project Committee E-31.
Am Society for Testing and Materials.
1997 Scientific Chairman, Il. State Dental Society
2002 Dental Specialist-Tsavo Lion Project, Kenya
2004 Associate editor-Central States Archaeological Journal


American Dental Association
Illinois Dental Society (Scientific Chairman 1997)
Chicago Dental Society
Am. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science
Am. Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Am. Society for Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis
Am. Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine
Academy of Forensic Sciences
Academy of General Dentistry
Am. Assoc. of Forensic Dentists (past president)
Wisconsin Archaeological Society
Kenosha County Archaeological Society
Illinois Association for the Advancement of Archaeology
Medical, Dental and Allied Health Professions Organization (past pres.)
Lake County Dental Society
Society for Medical Anthropology
Waukegan Dental Study Group (past president.)
North Eastern Anthropological Assoc.
Northern Illinois Apple User's Group (past VP)
International Apple Corps (Dental SIG chairman)
Central States Archaeological Society-(associate editor)
Paleopathology Association
Artifact Society
Association of Dental Anthropologists
American Association of Physical Anthropology
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Pierre Fauchard Academy


2006 Oral Pathology-Bird Flus 2-3-06
2004 Oral Cancer-A forensic case. Waukegan Dental Study Group 3-5-04
2003 The Violet Ray in Dentistry. Waukegan Dental Study Group 9-5-03
2002 Periodontics and Biblical Abraham. Waukegan Dental Study Group
2002 New Amalgam Sealant Condenser. Waukegan Dental Study Group 4-5-02.
2001 History of Occlusion. Waukegan Dental Study Group 1-12-01.
2000 Forensic dentistry. Waukegan Dental Study Group. 7-14-00.
1999 A Simple Automatic Alginate Water Measurer. 134th Midwinter Meeting
Chicago Dental Society 2-19-99.
1998 Deposition Techniques. Waukegan Dental Study Group 3-13-98.
1998 The 12 Commandments of Dental Computing. Chicago Dental Society
Mid Winter meeting. February.
1997 Lasers and Dental Technology, U of Il. College of Dentistry 8-97
1997 Does Kissing transmit AIDS Wkg Dental Study Gp. 7-18-97
1997 Low Power Lasers & Wound healing. Chicago Dental Society 2-20-97
1996 Clinical Computers and Lasers. Waukegan Dental Study Group 3-15-96
1996 Computers to Lasers, Chicago Dental Society (Westside) 3-12-96
1995 Dentistry and Employment Law, Waukegan Dental Study Group
1994 Selling Dentistry. Waukegan Dental Study Group 2/4/94.
1993 Update on Dental Computers. Waukegan Dental Study Group 10-15-93
1993 Dental Clinical Computers. U of Il. College of Dentistry 8/24/93
1993 Sargenti Endodontics Revisited. Chicago Dental Society 2/21/93
1993 OSHA Inspections. Libertyville Dental Study Club. 1-19-93
1992 OSHA and Dentistry. Waukegan Dental Study Group 10/16/92
1991 Sargenti-Classical Endo Debate Waukegan Dental Study Group. 10/18/91.
1991 The impossibility of diagnosing old diseases. Paleopathology Association. 18 annual
meeting. Milwaukee 4-3-01.
1991 Problems with Lasers. Waukegan Dental Study Group 4/5/91
1990 Dentists and Aids. West Suburban Branch,
ChicagoDentalSociety. 3/13/90.
1990 Infection Control. Waukegan Dental Study Group. 2/23/90
1990 Dentists Do Not Get Occupational AIDS.
Chicago Dental Society 2/11/90.
1989 Speed Dentistry and the $500,000 practice. Illinois State Dental Society 9/9/89.
1989 Dental Gloves in Lake County. Waukegan Dental Study Group. 9/8/89.
1988 Speed Dentistry and the $500,000 practice.Waukegan Dental Study Group. 11/18/88.
1988 Enamel Hypoplasis-A poor indicator. Am. Assoc of Physical
Anthropology 57th ann. meeting. 3/16/88.
1988 Enamel Hypoplasia and Caries. 15th annual Paleopathology Assoc meeting. 3/22/88.
1988 Computer Update. Desplaines Dental Study Group 3/10/88.
1988 10 Commandments of Office Computers Waukegan Dental
StudyGroup 2/21/88.
1987 Malpractice. Waukegan Dental Study Group 12/18/87.
1987 Enamel Hypoplasia. Waukegan Dental Study Group 4/10/87.
1987 Enamel Hypoplasia As A Poor Indicator of Nutritional
Stress. Lecture Paleopathology Association 4/2/87 NYC.
1987 Physical Anthropology-Carthage College Dept of Anthropology 4/14/87.
1986 Torsomolar Analysis of 5 Midwest Archaic Populations.
Am.Assoc.Physical Anthro. 55th annual meeting 4/13/86.
1986 Physical Anthropology-Carthage College 4/3/86
1986 Indians of Wildwood-HOW 3/27/86
1985 Physical Anthropology-Carthage College Dept of Anthropology 4/25/85.
1985 Torsomolar Analysis. Paleopathology Association annual meeting,
Knoxville 4/10/85.
1985 The Anthropology of Flat Plane Occlusion 5/7/85 U of Il College of Dentistry
1985 Computer Systems- Making Money. 8/2/85 Waukegan Dental Study Group
1985 How to Avoid Computer Problems 2/21/85 Chicago Dental Society

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Palatal migration of two mesodens in a prehistoric Tennessee Indian: a case for the blood vessel thrust theory of tooth movement.
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Arikara Indians.
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Flat-plane occlusion in the development of man.Light trance hypnosis in dentistry--increased production without local anesthesia.
Ancient case of dental erosion.
A mandibular cystlike lesion in a prehistoric American Indian.
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Dental disease in ancient Midwest American Indians.
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Waking hypnosis through sensory confusion: 302 cases of dental prophylaxis.
A prehistoric impaction.
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Dental disease in Chicagoland Indians.
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Sensory confusion through hypnosis: A technique of rapid patient control during dental treatment.