Steve N.

Dr. Neigurger has treated my wife, three children, and myself and we all agree he is our favorite dentist ever. He is compassionate, caring, comforting, painless and friendly. Besides that, his dentistry is superb, and he does not do work that can be watched and is not needed.  Remarkable, his fees are very fair! Overall, Dr. Neiburger has been a blessing to our family -rarely do you such find honest and decent people like Dr. Neiburger nowadays.-


John L.

I have been a patient to Dr. Neiburger for over twenty years. After visits to other dentists, Dr. Neiburger is the only dentist I have ever returned to. His cheerful staff has always been courteous, friendly and attentive. His care goes well beyond the office, "once a patient always a patient" he as been available after hours in the case of an emergency. He goes that "extra step" to ensure your visit is a pleasant one. Over the years, I have referred many of my friends and associates to Dr. Neiburger as I feel that his procedure, rates and willingness to arrange payments if needed is exemplary. His is a family business and I have always felt comfortable and respected.


Rebecca L.

I am terrified of dentists! This is the only dentist that I have ever returned to see. He has taken my extreme dental concerns and problems and have treated them professionally and with the utmost care. I have been seeing this dentist since 1982 - he's always been up front and honest with me about my dental problems. He doesn't force you into getting treatments for anything not needed. He's always willing to work with you and even will see you after hours if it's an emergency. Don't turn away from a chance to meet a great dentist!! his staff is just as professional and caring. For anyone that is terrified to death of dentists, this is the one you'll be glad to see!!


Pete B.

I just wanted to let everyone know what a great experience I had with Dr. Neiburger. From the moment I walked into the office until I left there was nothing less that a great positive energy, professionalism and helpful/friendly staff. I really appreciate the warm personalities and care for my feelings. I came from an "old-time" dentist where the floors creaked and the goldfish tank smelled.
Dr. Neiburger is so wonderfully different.

Caron G.
For just about all my life I have had troubles finding a good dentist. I have gotten by with substandard treatments which often hurt. I almost gave up hope of finding a good dentist until I found Dr. Naiburger and his wonderful staff. Susan and Sarah are great people. Dr. Neiburger not only helped me with my cosmetic difficulties but was sensitive to my fears and emotions. He is a wonderful dentist.


Dr. Neiburger, thank you for fixing my teeth. I looked and felt so terrible before I saw you. Now I have a wonderful smile and no pain. Thank you for everything.

Patti H.
Dear Dr. Neburger, Susan, Sarah and girls. I want to wish you a wonderful holiday season and thank you again for fixing my mouth. I recently got engaged and I know my smile had plenty to do with it. Thanks for being so professional and caring. May this next year be filled with health, love and peace.

Wilma K

Several years ago, after my auto after my auto accident, I started having pain in my jaw and neck. I went from doctor to doctor looking for relief from the terrible pain. All I got was prescriptions and medicines with made me dizzy. Dr. Neiburger helped me with a night guard that I wear to this day. I was greatest thing that had happened to me.   Thanks.

Rosa G

For all my life I was afraid of dentists. That was because all those other dentists hurt me. Some of them even held me down in the dental chair while they worked. Dr. N is so gentle and kind. He lets me stop anytime I feel I need a break. His treatments are so different and nice. I don't feel pain. I don't need shots. My teeth feel great.

Jimmy S.

Dear Dentist, how are you?

I'm fine. It was nice to see you yesterday. Thank you for fixing my cavity and giving me all those toys. I like the toys the best. I promise not to eat so much candy and brush my teeth just like you showed me.

Rita J.

Dear Dr. Neiburger. Just a note to thank you for my beautiful smile. Jerry and I are really trilled with the results and my only regret is that I did not do this work when you first told me three years ago. I appreciate our evening call after surgery. It was a kind gesture and one that is most appreciated...

Ted R.

Thank you for the great job you did with my crowns. They look great. I am always amazed with the new technology and gadgets in your office and how you use them to do the dental work so easy and fast. I especially appreciate your personal and professional touch and your kind and gentle staff.  It was a good experience.

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