Dr. Neiburger's


Dr. E. J. Neiburger, DDS.          (847) 244-0292

Why are we special?

Welcome to the finest dental care. We are very friendly, kind and compassionate. We provide quality dentistry in a caring, professional manner. Your comfort and well being is our mission. Your feelings count. We just don’t accept patients, we welcome them.

Dr. Neiburger Provides:

Comfort: Your comfort is our first concern.

Dr. N. has many easy ways of doing your treatment comfortably. Topical and spray anesthetics, pressure injectors (no-needle), waking-hypnosis pain control, medications, etc.
Easy treatment and desensitization for fearful patients. Dr. N. uses special, time tested techniques for treating nervous patients.

  • Day time and evening hours for your convenience.
  • Emergencies are seen quickly, generally on the day you call.
  • Ample time to talk, answer questions, discuss options.
  • Dental related health advice.
  • Private treatment rooms.
  • Personalized attention: You see Dr. N at every visit, every time.

Full service dentistry: Dr. N. practices all branches of dentistry including Oral Surgery, Endodontic (Root Canal Treatments), Prosthetics (crowns, bridges, dentures) Periodontics (Gum treatment), Operative (fillings, inlays, bondings), Preventative (exams, X-rays, cleanings), Orthodontics, etc. Only in rare cases do we ever refer patients to outside specialists. We are happy to see children, teens, adults and seniors.

Forty+ years of knowledge and experience.

Dr. N. speaks multiple languages.
He listens to his patients.

Modern dental technology that works: Digital imaging systems, computer controlled sterilization, no-needle spray injections, laser healing, ultra-speed restorations, optical magnification, etc.
Secure records and coded files: Your personal information remains private and confidential.
Unlimited access to the doctor: If I am not at the office, call me at my home, 847-223-1689.
Dr. N will be happy to speak with you anytime you have a problem.

Choices in treatment: There are many ways of solving dental problems. Not just one. We are open to discussing and working with a variety of options on treatments, timing and costs. We will give you choices. You determine what you need. We will advise you and do to the best of our ability, what you desire.

Easy, convenient location
on the northeast side of Waukegan.

Ample free parking

 Control of your treatment:
You can immediately stop doing any procedure at any time with an easy signal (raise your left
hand). In this way you never have to fear dental treatment.

Affordable fees: Lots of ways to pay. Increased office efficiency allows us to reduce the high cost of dentistry.
Payment plans: Financial arrangements can be made on an individual basis.
Double sterilization: We treat all instruments twice for your added safety.
Safety trained staff: Besides hospital trained Dr. N., we have an Intensive Care Registered Nurse and CPR certified assistants in the office. Our office has been OSHA and State inspected.
The greatest selection of children’s you-can-take-it-home toys on the North Shore. Children are well rewarded for being good patients.